About Adgang Forbudt



It all started as an experiment, like a

hobby back in 2003. Has challenged

myself by painting shapes, nature and mixed colors with brushes. Have tried different paintings, but I fell in love with acrylic and the way it flows. Through experiments, I learned to know myself and what style expresses my way of seeing and feeling the world around me. The texture of the paintings depends on the mood at the moment. The line through all the paintings is the way I see the world; as a whole from the distance and the closer I get the more endless paths I see.

I started painting back in the late 80's. My graphical background is clearly reflected in relation to the exposure on the canvas, follows a clear track where emotions and expressions can be told through a balloon etc. Adgang Forbudt was formed in 2012 when we as friends got the idea of a joint project. And then the art group was  a reality.

Ida paints on the canvas with her own techniques, abstractions, and then I continue on a part of the image, with a mixture of figurative and street art.

It has been so far my biggest challenge as a painter, to be a

part of this art group, and to raise the scale, before I only painted on small canvass.

What I love about the cooperation,

is the interpretation of my abstract motives and how it transform with jesper´s figurative style.

We have chosen to call us Adgang Forbudt (No Trespassing), a humorous commentary on a leading exclusion and taboorised society.

Our ongoing theme is the utopian, powerless, marginal community in which it is about results based on economic measures, and not on common human and general happiness concepts.